Permaculture Farm Tours

  • Available from June 1 to October 31.
  • Tours are 1 hour in length and are tailored to your interests but otherwise will briefly cover water management, fruit tree health, soil health, plant functions, garden development methods, ecological gardening, integrating ducks/chickens, root cellars, growing mushrooms etc.
  • $35 per ticket (covers 1-3 people), each additional person is $10
  • Please park in the drive-way at the house
  • Email to book a time
  • To confirm your tour appointment please send an e-transfer to rootedbythebluffs@gmail.com. Cash will also be accepted upon arrival.

“My wife & I had the privilege of taking an on-site visit to Julie Lambert’s permaculture farm following enrollment in her on-line workshop about restoration and pruning techniques for old apple trees.  Julie’s teaching skills are most educational and eclectic.  She shared her knowledge in a professional teaching format and also made available a video format of these procedures from her own old fruit trees on the property.  This workshop then led us to our tour of her permaculture farm.  I was totally enthralled once again, with her knowledge, but more so with her friendly teaching skills and responsiveness to our group’s questions.  Seeing on-site what she spoke of through her workshop and learning how things were designed and for what purpose was the “icing on the cake”!  I would highly recommend connecting with Julie to explore her various topics that might interest or benefit you on your property.” Darrell Belrose

“Meeting Julie in her gardens was an immersive, deeply inspiring and encouraging experience. Julie shares her comprehensive, hands-on and detailed knowledge with generosity and joy, and allowed us to take it in with the eyes of curious children while literally smelling, seeing and even tasting the various leaves and berries of her native gardens. We came back with eyes wide open and eager to improve the soil and the biodiversity of our farm!" Iris Haeussler


Workshops focus on empowering people with knowledge and hands-on experiences so they can develop a more direct relationship to affordable and sustainable food sources. This is about learning how to thrive as sovereign beings among the broken systems.

All workshops are offered with sliding scale pricing to assist those struggling financially. Please pay what you can afford. By contributing towards the higher price range, you are helping others and helping me to sustain my work and livelihood.  

Please note payments for all workshops are non-refundable but registration is transferable to another individual.  In the event of cancellation due to low registration or other unexpected circumstances, refunds will be issued within 30 days.  

Learn how to create patches of thriving plants that readily yield food, medicine, beauty, and habitat! A guild has a few different definitions, but we will focus on creating a patch of a variety of plants that support each other and a central or key plant, in this case a fruit tree or shrub. Our designs will aim to emulate the patterns of healthy habitats creating an ecologically balanced, and resilient ecosystem.

The goal of this workshop is to work with you to design your very own guild for your property.

Part 1: Guild Preparation & Planning, Sat. February 24, 2024, 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Workshop will take place indoors. Snacks and tea will be provided.

  • Guild location considerations
  • Suitable fruit trees/shrubs for success on your site
  • Site preparation
  • Plant species and their functions for support the fruit tree

What to bring: knowledge about your property’s climate and micro-climates (e.g. soil type, sun, wind, moisture in different areas) and what you might want to plant – some general ideas will be helpful for your progress in Part 1. Also bring a notebook, writing utensils, water bottle.

$45 to $65, sliding scale pricing for Part 1.

Part 2: Tour & Design, Sun. June 2, 2024, 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Workshop will take place partially outdoors, so please dress for the weather.

  • Tour will focus on demonstration fruit tree guilds, what worked and what didn’t work. It will also focus on short-term and long-term guild maintenance needs.
  • Reviewing your plant selections
  • Building your design 
  • Guild succession
  • How to implement your design

What to bring: Please bring along coloured pencils, notebook, water bottle, appropriate clothing to be outside.

$45 to $65, sliding scale pricing for Part 2.

Maximum 8 people. 
Email to register. An e-transfer will be required to confirm your registration. 
Plants will be available for purchase after the June workshop. 


This workshop will teach you:

  • How to assess the health of fruit trees
  • Is it worth restoring your fruit tree vs planting a new one?
  • Pruning at different times of the year
  • Fruit tree structure & growth
  • Pruning techniques
  • Different tree forms - their benefits and drawbacks
  • Tools needed
  • Most of this workshop is applicable to other fruit trees too!

BONUS - In-field practice opportunities available!

Additional important info:

  • This workshop will be entirely on-line, at your own pace.
  • On-line training will be provided through videos. Videos include methodology, processes, and detailed images for explanation, as well as in-field demonstrations covering all techniques learned. 
  • Your individual link will be provided to you after registration via email. Videos are accessible until March 30th.

Email to register. An e-transfer will be required to confirm your registration.



In this workshop we will practice grafting on wild apple trees at Keppel Croft Gardens. This will help you get a feel for the practice. Pre-order rootstock and scionwood to graft your very own apple or pear tree ($23 per tree, valued at $40). You will learn what to look for when collecting scionwood, how to store scionwood, grafting care, the keys for successful grafting, and the importance of timing.

Additional important info:

  • This workshop will be entirely outdoors, please dress for the weather.
  • Bring a clean, very sharp grafting knife, or a thin knife with a single bevel, and a pair of clean, sharp pruners.  (If your knife is new, it still needs to be sharpened). A pair of cut-resistant gloves would also be great to bring.
  • You are welcome to eat your lunch on the Keppel Croft Gardens, after the workshop.

We cannot graft in the rain, so if it is rainy, we will reschedule to the same time on Sunday, April 28. 

Email to register. An e-transfer will be required to confirm your registration.




Learn about a variety of wild edibles, including how to sustainably harvest them, how to prepare and use them safely, and how to grow your own. This workshop includes taste testing the wild edibles that are available.  

We will be spending the full time outside. Please check the weather before you come, and dress accordingly.  If the weather is really rainy (> 5mm), we will reschedule to the same time on Sunday, September 22. 

Maximum 15 people. 
Email to register. An e-transfer will be required to confirm your registration.
Wild edible plants (grown from seed) will be available for purchase after the workshop. 


Community New Moon Gatherings are taking place on May 7 with a Forest Bathing Meditation lead by Maxine Iharosy, June 7 with outdoor yoga lead by Fiona Dightam, July 4 and August 1 both with reiki healing circles lead by Barb Elliott, September 3 with a herbal foot soak, and October 2 with a fire and sacred song led by Beige Mcintosh.,

All are welcome to join the new moon circles.  A key things to note about these gatherings:
  • These gatherings are free or by donation. All donations will go to the person leading the gathering. Please bring CASH if you would like to donate.
  • The goal of these gatherings is to build local community, to honour ourselves, each other and nature, and to strengthen love and give gratitude so all life may flourish. And of course to celebrate the new moon.
  • Each gathering will take place outside, so they are weather permitting. There will likely be bugs. :)  
  • Please bring a blanket, bug spray or bug hats, chair, or whatever you need to feel comfortable. We will be sitting on the ground for most gatherings.
  • The last 30 minutes will be for social time. If you feel inclined, please bring a snack to share. There will be cold tea available, so please bring yourself a cup.
  • REGISTER via email. Just to let me know you are coming. Recognizing that commitment to attending free events can be low, I ask that you please commit fully out of respect for the teachers, some of whom are driving an hour to offer their evening with us. We are offering these workshops to bring joy and healing into people's lives, and so we would like to see them full. 
  • Please avoid bringing your pets. We have poultry that are not used to dogs, and lots of small seedlings and freshly grafted trees that can be easily damaged by accidental bumps and paw traffic.
  • PARKING: Is in the lower field, just south of the yellow brick school house at Concession 24 and Centre Road in Lake Charles. Please drive into the field entrance to park, or park on the road here.  We will meet there and then walk to the gathering location together.  Mapquest 'Rooted By the Bluffs'.
  • Due to early sunset in October, this event will be held at the house. Please park there, which is the driveway at the top of the hill, on the right. Mapquest 'Rooted By the Bluffs'.
Looking forward to gathering with you!