Heartnut - Juglans ailantifolia hybrid

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  • Plant Description - This tree is native to Japan and Sakhalin. It produces a delicious, edible, heart-shaped nuts. It grows in well-drained, drought-tolerant soil and in full to part sun. Grows up to 40' tall. Suited for climate zones 5a-7.
  • PollinationThese are self-fertile trees but will have better production with 2 trees.
  • Available Size - 1 year old bare root seedlings are 12" to 18" tall, with approximately 7" tap root.
  • Pick-Up Details 
    • "Pick-up April 2 Only" - These seedlings must be picked up on April 2, 2023 between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. Do not purchase these seedlings if you cannot pick them up during this time.
    • "Pick-up Late Autumn" - Seedlings must drop most of their leaves prior to transplanting. This is weather dependent. Pick-up is typically a Saturday in early November. You will be notified within one to two weeks before this pick-up date. 
  • Refer to Bare Root Tree Planting Instructions