Ultra Northern Pecan - Carya illinoensis

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  • Plant Description - This tree is native to south of the border. It grows in well-drained, drought-tolerant soil and full sun. Grows up to 100'. This tree produces delicious, edible nuts. Suited for zones 5b-8.
  • Pollination - In order to get nuts, you need a protandrous tree (male organs produce before the female organs) and protogynous tree (female organs produce before the male organs). This cannot be determined until the trees bloom. Therefore, it is suggested to plant 3 to 4 trees to be more certain of getting nuts. 
  • Available Size - 1 year old bare root seedlings are 8" to 1 ft tall, with a similar size tap root. They put most of their energy into growing their tap root the first few years of their life.
  • Pick-Up Details -
    • "Pick-up Late Autumn" - Seedlings must drop most of their leaves prior to transplanting. This is weather dependent. Pick-up is typically a Saturday in late November. You will be notified within one to two weeks before this pick-up date. 
  • Refer to Bare Root Tree Planting Instructions.
Photo courtesy of Heather Schibli.